Laptop On Tray

what is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the online delivery of mental health services with live video conferencing. It blends traditional counseling with some unique advantages.

benefits of teletherapy

  • Clinically sound: studies show that the therapeutic outcomes of teletherapy are as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy

  • Comfort: you can do teletherapy from the comfort and safety of your own home - with your favorite blanket, cup of tea, or anything that brings you ease

  • Privacy: no fear of running into someone you know in the waiting room or having to request time off from work or school to go to a session

  • Efficiency & flexibility: no need to include travel time or cost in your schedule, you can have a session essentially anywhere especially if you are someone with a very packed, busy schedule

  • Safety: you can still have access to therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic and maintain the safety of yourself and loved ones

What do you need for teletherapy?

  • Reliable ​data or Wifi

  • Private/quiet location - this could be your car, room, closet, bathroom, a park

  • A device with a camera and audio - an iPad, laptop, desktop computer, cell phone

  • Thats all! I send my clients the link to our teletherapy session a few minutes before our scheduled appointment time

Helpful tips for teletherapy

  • Give yourself at least 2-3 minutes prior to each session to get set up and connected and take a few deep breaths to transition from previous task to therapy

  • Limit distractions - put phone on "do not disturb", choose a location with limited distractions if possible 

  • Choose a location that is well lit enough for your counselor to see your face clearly

  • Have paper, writing utensils, a fidget if needed to take notes, do therapeutic activities, or have something to hold to help ground yourself to the present moment

  • Use headphones to increase confidentiality